I am OK with nail polish being marketed in this way…


Guilt-free fries DO exist. Get the recipe.


Baby’s first Coachella:

Ellie Goulding
Martin Garrix
Girl Talk
Caravan Palace
Fatboy Slim
Sleigh Bells
the Naked and Famous
Neutral Milk Hotel
Lana Del Rey
Arcade Fire

Some of it was great, some of it was crap, some of it was a blur, but dang if it wasn’t fun! 


New York’s hottest game show is: Would You Have Sex With Paul Rudd?

-SR, S360

The best new NYC-based gameshow since Cash Cab kicked the bucket.

Not gonna lie, that second to last pic just made me hungry for a crif dog…


Bangerz Tour in Brooklyn 

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ooh, we’re getting all dressed up for April Fool’s Day around these parts, huh?

Dis how I spend like 10 hours of my day, erryday.

Dis how I spend like 10 hours of my day, erryday.

Don’t know if I mention this often enough, but I am married to a very talented guy (cc justin ) and he is currently hard at work on his first feature-length documentary film.

If you got misty when he made that lil proposal video for me, just wait til you see what he has up his sleeve in telling the inspiring story of DIY-to-the-max creator RG Miller.

This video gives you some background on the project, and how you can help Justin and his production partner take it to the finish line. If you’ve got a minute, please watch, share, and if you’re so inclined, DONATE!

This is exactly the type of thing the Dad in Footloose thought would happen if the kids were allowed to dance.

I truly never thought I’d live to see a day where a Lil John song made me happy, but there you go. (DJ Snake & Lil Jon - Turn Down for What)