That’s right: HallowMEME is going bicoastal this year.

Two HallowMEMEs!

Welp, time to start planning a costume…I’ve already won their costume contest at the NYC party way back in 2010, maybe I can get the West Coast title as well?

Downside up and Upside down #cake


Older women working it

dis could be us in 50 years, but you playin’.


Miley Cyrus - Babe, I’m Gonna Leave You

If you can get over the lo-fi quality, the poor mixing, and the fact that this is Miley Cyrus covering a song written by Anne Bradon and made famous by Led Zeppelin, there’s actually a lot going on here. The singer/rapper/actress/sculptor shows a great dynamic range, powers through the high notes, and has a spot-on intuition for when to bring it back down. 

I’m into this.


I guess I get the impulse behind the “Here’s a blog” feature on the Tumblr dashboard. Community-building! Connection!

BUT it’s a misguided way to go about it, ESPECIALLY when they feature the same specific post from some random blog that I repeatedly opt not to follow, over and over.


I’m more horrified by the thought that some old-ass post of mine is randomly showing up in someone else’s feed…

Nietzsche is a tiny lion who lives in the bungalow behind our house

I took this picture with my iPhone and telescope over a week ago, and I’m still pretty pleased about it.

“Beyoncé is like The Wire of pop stars — a commendable institution that her fans have ruined by expressing their fandom in the most obnoxiously histrionic fashion imaginable.”

Steven Hyden (via soupsoup)

You know you’re a ~*FeMiNiSt*~ when you see the word “histrionic” used to describe the way an audience (of presumably mostly female people) react to something and CRINGE.

(via soupsoup)