Cliff House, A Five-Story House That Hangs Off the Edge of a Cliff

Lots of light, steps from death, dogs ok woof cats ok purr

Someone let me know when the cliff destabilizes and they have to burn it down to demolish it

Enjoy your house when it’s at the bottom of the ocean, suckers!





Charts from OKCupid, showing how straight women and men rate each other based on ages. For women, the men they find most attractive are roughly their own age. For men, the women they find most attractive are roughly the same age - 20 to 23 - regardless of the age of the man. (538)

Good fucking Christ.

As if I couldn’t be more depressed about online dating. FML.

This is insane.

Why do men want to date babies? Like, I don’t get it.

Note to self: In about 2 months, buy this.

Modest Mouse Reissue The Lonesome Crowded West and This Is a Long Drive for Someone With Nothing to Think About (via Pitchfork)

I may not always post consistently, but I’m around.



Krikor Jabotian

Akhtamar Collection 2014

It sucks how I live a life where I will never ever get to wear something like this. Why am I not, like, an elven queen? Ugh.

I saw this dress, then involuntarily made an ‘uhhh’ sound at my computer.

Goddamn it, Circa. Your ‘breaking news’ alert on my phone consistently sends me into a Pavlovian depression.

Friday night costume party. Sorry you weren’t invited!

This perfect Friday Jam makes me want to slap on some rollerskates.

600 pages and it only covers the 4 years HRC was Secretary of State 


So its nice Cartoon Brew mentioned Star, but I am a little disappointed the article didn’t focus on the show at all.  We were talking about it at lunch today, by we I mean 10 female creatives currently working on Star and one male creative, Matt.  So we decided to take this joke picture.  Male industry huh?  

Haha : )

Just saw the awesome teaser from Comic-Con (at the link above) and HOLY MOLY DOES THAT LOOK FUN. Love the animation style and can’t wait to watch the crap out of your show, daronnefcy