"Weird Al" Yankovic ‘Tacky’ Music Video featuring guest appearances from Aisha Tyler, Margaret Cho, Eric Stonestreet, Kristen Schaal and Jack Black.

A goddamn delight on a Monday afternoon.


Goat! (at Farm Sanctuary’s Animal Acres)

This goat was petty chill.

Too good/patriotic to not post.

(h/t to jayzombie for the dope pic)

Obligatory reblog. Happy 4th, y’all.

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Thanks for making me feel like a failure first thing in the morning, random Facebook ad.

I wish my selfie game was this tight.

I wish my selfie game was this tight.

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Is everyone watching Drunk History and Nathan For You tonight? Good. Catch the season premieres tonight starting at 10/9c.

I’m SO excited, you guys!!

I’ve been getting back into the swing of practicing French thanks to Duolingo, but I think I’d rather just watch French pop lyric vids until it all really sinks in. That’ll work, right?


Yelle - Bouquet Final

Yelle, the infectious voice behind the chart-topping song “Je Veux Te Voir." Less pop and more electro in this song, this song is filled with contradictions. The lyrics are half-mid relationship ending fight, half-love song. Her lyrics are tongue meets cheek meets another person’s mouth.

Yesssssss! Just got tickets to this show at the Hollywood Bowl.


~i hate how much i love this song~

This is a nice palate cleanser after seeing that horrible leaked video from the “Do What You Want” set.