I ate some coleslaw while on Christmas vacation, and it restored my faith.


Mike’s Smokehouse (Website)
2235 North Clairemont Avenue  
Eau Claire, WI  

For Christmas festivities, Justin and I took a trip to his homeland of Eau Claire, Wisconsin. On that trip we had a family meal at the BBQ joint Mike’s Smokehouse, and I was excited to see (and perhaps a little skeptical about) how Midwesterners would interpret Southern slaw.

For about $11, we split a half chicken dinner that included 2 sides. What a deal! The chicken was decent, but the sides stole the show. We got coleslaw and baked beans and both were outstanding. Dig those thick baked beans - they had pulled pork mixed in! It was heaven. The slaw was on-point too, and probably the best I’ve eaten in a while. Perfectly creamy and sweet, I didn’t detect any bitterness from the cabbage. I could eat those sides for days…

A solid 4.5 out of 5 cabbage heads.